How To Style A Headband

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The headband trend is still going strong! But how do you take this child-friendly style and make it look chic and sophisticated? Holiday hair styles accented with headbands are completely on-trend, and cute. Here’s some tips for how to style a headband without looking like a creepy adult baby.

Location, Location, Location

The placement of headbands is crucial. You don’t want to look like you’re dressed up as a six-year-old. With that in mind, don’t just tuck the thing on and position it behind your ears and call it a day. Modern-styled headbands are placed further back on the head (yay no squeezing behind the ears!), and are often more about decorating your hair than holding it back. Think of them like a tiara when placing them and you’ll do fine.

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Multiples Are A-O-K

A lot of really cute styles can be created by using multiple headbands in the same ‘do! They can be used to create different ‘sections’ of the style for interesting shape, like in this cute updo:

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Avoid Big Crazy Decorations

Like with any trend sometimes there are pieces that you look at and just think “who would wear that?” – it doesn’t matter if something is trendy; if it’s ridiculous for real life, don’t wear it. You’ll look silly. Hint: If the site selling the headband has to use crooked artsy photos to make the headband look at all normal, you’re going to look really weird in it at the company holiday party.

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Hippie Style is for Hippies

Bohemian, hippie style headbands worn around the head instead of on top are really popular right now. They look super cute on hippies. If your fashion aesthetic doesn’t go with the hippie theme, your headband will look very strange. When wearing this style headband, do yourself a favor leave some volume in at the crown.

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