Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow

lady gaga, lady gaga hair bow, lady gaga hair bow, blonde hair bow, faux hair bowLady Gaga shows up to Narita Airport in Japan sporting one of her most recognizable and parodied looks- the blonde bow of hair. The appearance has beauty and fashion editors everywhere (seriously, Google it) questioning if she has run out of ideas because -gasp- she is wearing a look more than once.

Gotta love it. Lady Gaga was wearing a hair bow (literally a bow made of hair) in Japan. Public reaction? Boredom. She’s wearing a bow made out of HAIR (along with an getup that gives me a serious Bride of Marilyn Manson vibe) and pretty much everyone’s reaction was “wait, we’ve seen this before”.

Knowing Gaga, she’s probably doing this just to #$*^ with us and see if we’re paying attention. But this just brings me back to something I’ve been thinking for a while- the most shocking thing Gaga could ever do at this point is to show up someplace looking completely ordinary. Could you imagine her in a pencil skirt and pearls or otherwise preppy attire? Chaos.

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