Would You Shave Your Head?

jessie j, jessie j hair, jessie j hair style, jessie j shaved headSinger Jessie J is planning on a bit of a makeover for 2012. Recently in an interview she revealed she wants to shave her head “to make a difference in the world” (how exactly she plans on accomplishing this is still up for speculation), in addition to gaining weight for health reasons. Known for her outlandish fashions, I don’t think anyone will be too shocked to see Jessie J strutting a red carpet with a shaved head any time soon, but her noble intentions are admirable.natalie portman, natalie portman shaved, natalie portman shaved head, natalie portman bald

What do you think of women choosing to shave their hair? Would you do it? I think with Jessie’s personality and striking facial features, she’ll end up looking pretty sexy even without hair. Take into consideration Natalie Portman. She shaved her head for a movie role and looked hot!


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