Help With Haircolor Mishaps

Here’s a Stylebell Exclusive interview with Redken Color Consultant David Stanko! I got the scoop from David on haircolor mishaps. Read on for what he has to say!

Stylebell: What are some of the most common causes and types of color mishaps?

David Stanko: Usually most women underestimate their natural hair color. If you start with the wrong color in mind, you will make an improper selection, which leads to poor gray coverage, under/over lightening, or translucent types of results. Like colors attract, meaning if a woman has a lot of pink or red in her skin and selects the wrong red or auburn shade of hair color she has now turned herself into a large tomato.

S: What can someone do as prep to make sure they don’t have a coloring goof?

D: #1 Do your research. Google the images of celebrities or colors that attract you. 
#2 To the letter of the law, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

S: Is there anything someone can do at home to fix bad color?

D: There are a number of answers to this question based upon the error we are addressing. If the problem is the hair is too light, we can always tone down or add more depth relatively easily. If the hair is too dark, the fix is not as easy at home. One should consider scheduling an appointment in the salon.

S: How does a stylist know what to do when they’re fixing someone else’s coloring goofs? What goes into planning how to fix it, and how are common color mishaps fixed?

D: Texture, condition and porosity are three key items to consider before any color fix. These three items are indicators as to which products we need to use to make the correction i.e. a fine texture may be corrected by using a blonde shade, a coarse texture may require a bleach lightener.


David also recommended going to a wig shop so you can try on different colors of hair before making your decision. Take pictures! Ask family and friends. You can also check out our pictures of celeb hair styles for inspiration!

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