Most Influential Celebrity Hair 2011

According to the Wall Street Journal, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber top the charts for most “influential” hair. We agree that those two young celebs have been dominating hair headlines this year, and have some other picks to share for hair influences in 2011.

Stylebell’s Top Celebrity Influences in Hair for 2011

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You can’t talk about influence in hair this year without mentioning Kristen Stewart. Star of the Twilight series, both Kristen Stewart and her character Bella Swan have been among the most sought-after for their easy styles with casual sex appeal.

Sultry songstress Rihanna remains a trend mainstay in hair as well. Rihanna’s style is daring to say the least, and her hair continues to make headlines.

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And of course, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has the world’s eyes on her style at all times. This British beauty’s hair, makeup, and fashion choices have global impact– and for good reason! She has some pretty fabulous hair.

kim kardashian wedding hair, kim kardashian hair, kim kardashian weddingOh those Kardashian women. They have such knack for headlines. Kim Kardashian‘s wedding may have been a complete sham, but it can’t be denied that her hair looked pretty fantastic. This wedding hair style was one of the most talked about hair styles of the year!

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