Hair Styles After Heartbreak

Have you ever felt the urge to change up your hair after a breakup? I know I have, and if you have too, you’re in the majority. One friend of mine had a boyfriend who hated short hair on women and insisted she keep hers long. After they broke up, she had it cut super short and hasn’t looked back since! I once had a boyfriend who didn’t like red heads, so you better believe I dyed my hair fire engine red after our breakup! It might sound silly, but I found the whole experience very empowering; it really helped me deal with what I was going through.

Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, breakups suck and a pick me up is always nice! And what better pick me up than a bit of pampering in a salon, right? It’s a lot healthier for you than getting wasted and drunk dialing your ex, or eating an entire tub of ice cream and sobbing to The Notebook in your pajamas. So it makes sense that the salon is where many of us head after our relationships head south. Have you ever changed up your hair after a breakup? Tell us!



Mmm tastes like despair…

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