Get The Look: Cynthia Rowley Inspired

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I just watched footage of the Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 runway in Milan, and I am loving it! Lots of cynthia rowley shoesfeminine, flowing styles in fun patterns. The models all sported a sort of wet-looking (but not as severe as some that we saw in F/W Fashion Week), air-dried hair style, and most of them had these absolutely stunning metallic gold shoes. So I thought it would be fun to share my take on how to get this hair look, and accentuate it with a little gold bling!

cynthia rowley, cynthia rowley S/S 2012, cynthia rowley 2012, cynthia rowley hairStep 1 – Start with hair that is about 75% dry. Add a small amount of flexible hold styling gel (Redken Layer Lift would be great for this), and scrunch your hair to create the wet-looking waves. If you have a beach salt spray, that would work great too.

Step 2 – Part your hair on which ever side you like. Go for a dramatic, deep side part. Tip: It is actually better to part it on the side opposite your hair “wants” to part, because this style has a lot of volume there. You want to simply flip your hair over, rather than really force and flatten it down.

Step 3 – Dry the rest of your hair with a diffuser on a low speed. Start with the crown. Where you have parted your hair, you don’t want to blow dry it too flat. Lift the hair straight up and blow dry starting at the root, then let it lay back down.

Step 4 – Dry the rest of your hair (with a diffuser on a low speed). I use a “rake and shake” motion with my hands – I rake my fingers through my hair and sorta wiggle my hand back and forth, shaking my strands under the air, as well as continuing to scrunch. If you do not have a diffuser, your best bet is to air dry! Remember, this is a messy look. No need for it to be too perfect.

Step 5 – Hair spray! Lots of it. I like a working hairspray with flexible hold such as Bumble & Bumble Does It All Spray, because you want the style to stay in, but not be immobile.

Step 6 – Add some gold bling, inspired by the awesome shoes on the models at Cynthia Rowley. ;) Here are some ideas:

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Clockwise from Top Right:
Lipsy Floral Garden Headband ($21.82 ASOS)
Karina Pearl Clip ($6 Ulta)
L. Erikson Braided Headband ($18 Nordstrom)
Tasha “Yummy” Metallic Chain Headwrap ($38 Nordstrom)
Bird Hair Clip ($9 Fred Flare)

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