Don’t Leave Home Without Your Hair Cast

girl in rain, girl standing in rain, elle italia photosHave you ever done your hair in the morning and then later in the day find that the weather is really cramping your style? With this app I’ve been using lately, that won’t ever happen to me again!

It’s called Hair Cast, and it’s such a simple, useful idea. This nifty little app gives you a hair forecast or “hair cast” with helpful hints on how to wear your hair in certain weather. All you do is type in your zip code and choose Wavy, Straight, or Curly hair. Hair Cast does the rest! I could see this being really useful for traveling too; you could simply enter your destination’s zip code and make sure your hair is dressed for the occasion. Never again will you be stuffing your hair under a hat to hide your fallen curls and shaking your fist at unexpected humidity.

Hair Cast is available for iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry, and best of all it’s free! If you don’t have a phone that can do apps, you can still access your Hair Cast at (or on a mobile browser at

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