2012 People’s Choice Awards Hair Styles

When I’m watching a red carpet event like the People’s Choice Awards (or really, any awards show/event with a bunch of celebs) I expect glitz and glamour! No one looks up pictures of those events to see stars looking like they’re mailing it in. We want to know who they’re wearing, who did their hair, etc. The 2012 People’s Choice Awards hit a bit of a bum note with me in that regard. Maybe I am just getting spoiled, but most of the hair didn’t really wow me.

kelly osbourne hair, kelly osbourne hair style, kelly osbourne peoples choice awards 2012

Observe: Kelly Osbourne. I am all for grey hair. But on a woman whose hair has gone grey. Kelly is under 30. What the heck? Everything about this is just wrong. This particular hair style is lovely, but it really does not suite her face shape at all. I think she looks tired and weighed down by it. And those odd roots in the front? I think Kelly Osbourne is next on my list of Celebrities I’d Most Like To Make Over. What say you?

ginnifer goodwin, ginnifer goodwin hair, ginnifer goodwin peoples choice awards 2012

WOW. What a dress on Ginnifer Goodwin! Not sure if I love it or hate it yet, but I do like her hair. The short bob brings attention to her beautiful and delicate facial features, and I love the retro finger waves. It’s just so elegant!

kristen bell hair, kristen bell, kristen bell hair style

Kristen Bell showcases the biggest trend of the night in hair: snore!!! It’s not bad it’s just boring, and as Simon Cowell would say, “forgettable”.

miley cyrus, miley cyrus hair, miley cyrus hair style, miley cyrus peoples choice awards 2012

If I had to pick a favorite hair of the night, I think I’d actually go with Miley Cyrus here. She’s opted for a subtle ombré blonde that complements her skin tone beautifully. It’s shiny and really healthy-looking, and the waves swept over her shoulder are casual but still maintain an air of elegance. A+ Miley!

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