Redken Launches Shape Control

Are you looking for an alternative to Brazilian Keratin Treatments? Are you worried about the formaldehyde in leading keratin treatments?  I know many of you are concerned and are searching for an alternative that will work similarly to the keratin treatments but not have the harsh chemicals like formaldehyde.  Below is a picture of the amazing before and after shots of the Shape Control Treatment!

Redken Shape Control Straightening Treatment

Enter Redken!  Redken has finally launched a new permanent service Shape Control.  I was so excited when I went to the launch of redken Shape Controthis new incredible treatment.  With the name Shape ControlI was mystified as to what this treatment was all about.  Let’s say I was pleasantly surprised and so excited to share with all of our readers.

What is Shape Control
Redken’s newest texture range, Shape Control, addresses the need for safer texture products with innovative technology that will help consumers take permanent control of the shape of their hair. Redken’s Shape Control system, which is formulated without formaldehyde, provides permanent thermal straightening, gorgeous curls or luscious waves.  Yes ladies you can go straight or curly!!!

Can I use this Treatment?
Shape Control can be used on anyone who desires long-lasting waves, curls, smooth or straight styles without compromising their health and the condition of their hair.  Yes this treatment is for anyone!

How Can Redken’s Shape Control Do This?
The new Shape Control service features Kera-Shape Complex technology that contains shaping agents for permanent smoothing or curling, cationic conditioners for moisture and shine and emollients for control and manageability.  Similar to a perm or coloring.

How is Redken’s Shape Control Different than Keratin Treatments?
The Shape Control treatment and the Brazilian Keratin Treatment are drastically different, however, the results are very similar.  Keratin treatment’s active ingredient is keratin.  Unfortunately keratin treatments have to include formaldehyde in the treatment as a preservative to keep it active.  The Shape Control treatment is similar to a perm or coloring treatment.  It changes the bond of the strands of the hair and releases or activates the curl and formaldehyde does not need to be used as a preservative.  Shape Control can also reduce frizz, go curly, or do beachy waves.

How Long Does it Last?
This is different for every hair type but Redken states that it should last up to 4 months.

What is the Treatment Process Like?
The process of the treatment in the salon is very similar to a keratin treatment and will take about the same amount of time.  There is shampooing time, blow drying time, treatment time, flat ironing time (or curling iron if going curly).  You will have to wait 48 hours before washing hair just like any other treatment.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost is very similar to a Keratin treatment as it takes about the same amount of time.  I would say about $200 – $600 depending upon your salon.

Can I go Straight to frizz free curls?
Yes the Shape Control treatment can do that!  If you have straight hair and would like to get soft beach curls the Shape Control treatment will allow you to keep this curl for up to 4 months.  Check out the before and after shot.

shape control urban curls before after

Want to Get This Treatment Done?
You can find salons that are offering this treatment at

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  1. Harlo
    February 3, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    How exciting.

    I’ve been wishing a semi permanent treatment would be curl enhancing.
    Does it improve health of hair as some keratin treatments are meant to?
    Will StyleBell supply it for purchase?

    Looking forward to reading reviews here from “Bella’s” who’ve had it done.


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