Gigi Waxing Kit Review

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Waxing at home is so convenient and economical yet can be extremely messy!  Issues arise!

1) How do I warm up this sticky stuff without the microwave getting messy!
2) Oh no the wax fell on the countertops!
3) I just wasted 30 mintues and the wax just did not remove all of the hair!

These are the issues I have had with drugstore bought waxing kits.  Recently I came upon the Gigi Wax Professional Mini Waxing Kit.  For around $70 this kit gives you everything you need to start out with.  It includes a wax warmer, wax, sticks, strips, and before and after care products to put on your skin.  The wax warmer is so fantastic!  You can keep your wax in it so nothing gets messy.  You can turn it on and off whenever you need it and keep the wax in there as storage.  No MESS!  The wax itself is the same wax that professionals use so you will get professional results.  Gigi also includes before waxing and after waxing products to help with the performance and to reduce the redness post waxing.

This is definitely money well spent and one of the best waxing kits on the market!  Click here to learn more. . .

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