Why Should I Buy A Titanium Flat Iron?

Babyliss Pro Nano Flat Iron, Babylis Nano Flat Iron, Babyliss Nano Hair Straightener, Babyliss Nano StraightenerWhether you say Titanium Flat Irons, Titanium Hair Straighteners, or Titanium Straightening Irons it all boils down to one question, should I be using a Titanium Flat Iron?  Babyliss was one of the first manufacturers of the Titanium Flat Irons.  Babyliss launched their first titanium flat iron, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron about 9 years ago.  This was one of the first titanium straightening irons on the market.

The titanium flat irons claimed to reach an unbelievable heat of 450 degrees and would stay at that consistent.  Ceramic irons at that time would only reach 410 degrees and once you would start ironing it would go down to about 380 degrees.  The CHI Ceramic CHI flat iron, CHI hair straightener, CHI straightener, CHI OriginalFlat Iron was the original iron.  For most the CHI ceramic straightening iron was more than enough heat, however, women with curlier hair did not get the same straightening results.  These women and stylists needed something more and titanium irons were the answer.

The real increase in demand for Titanium Flat Irons came approximately 5 years ago with the explosion of Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatments.  When performing Brazilian Keratin Straightening  Treatments such as Global Keratin, Keratin Complex, or Bionaza needed a flat iron that could reach 450 degrees to help bind and infuse the keratin in the hair.  Now almost every flat iron maker has a version of the titanium flat iron in their products.

Benefits of the Titanium Flat Irons?

  1. Higher Heat – Most irons can get up to 450 degrees and stays at 450 degrees
  2. Heat Retention -  Once you start using the iron the iron will stay at 450 degrees
  3. Smooth Surface -  Titanium irons have extra smooth surface so no snagging
  4. 100% Surface – Most irons are a 100% Titanium with no other metals
  5. Quick Heat Up – Irons can heat up and reach desired temperature within seconds
  6. Straight in Seconds – Where many ceramic irons would take 2 – 3 passes to get the desired straightness titanium irons usually straighten the hair within one pass.

So whether you choose a titanium or a ceramic iron we hope this helps you make your decision!  See more Titanium Flat Irons here!

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