Jennifer Lawrence ‘Hunger Games’ Hair Costs $30K!

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So we often wonder how do hair stylists get the actresses hair to look perfect for their award winning roles.  Most stylists will dye and cut and dye and cut some more  to achieve the perfect look.  Not Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence, the star of the huge upcoming blockbuster, Hunger Games, created her mousy brown hair with very little invasive hair techniques!  You ask how? WIGS!

Linda Flowers, Head of  Hair Design for Hunger Games, said that they did not want to damage Jennifer Lawrence’s blond locks by repeatedly dying the hair.  They decided to create the perfect Hunger Games hair color by purchasing $30,000 worth of wigs in various shades of browns and reds.  They then did trails with the various wigs and came up with the perfect hair color for Jennifer Lawrence’s character.  Linda then had Jennifer’s hair dyed that perfect color.  And I ask why are their no awards for the stylists (aka artists) that do hair design in the movies?


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