Fall/Winter 2012 Hair Color Trend Report

Are you wondering what hair color you should be getting this year?  Just like in fashion there are definite trends in hair color!  Fall/Winter 2012 has been inspired by the many award shows and premieres from all of the celebrities that we love.  Tracking the trends is our one and only Celebrity Colorist and Redken Creative Consultant, Tracey Cunningham.  She colors everyone I mean everyone on that red carpet!

Tracey lays out 3 Trends that are sure to be replicated over, over and over again!

Trend #1: Brunettes

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Although the Redken Illumination look with darker roots and lighter ends (aka. Ombre Hair) is still extremely popular, I’ve seen an evolution on this style.  Similar to the Fashion Week ’12 runways of Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier, many women are opting for fantastic, bright colors like pink or purple on the ends or roots as well!  This  is truly a look for the trendsetters and fashionistas and takes a very confident, eclectic woman to pull off this trends – someone like Kelly Osborne or Lady Gaga; however the most requested look I receive continues to be Lily Aldridge.  To get the look, ask your Redken colorist for Chromatics Naturals, Cool Browns & Beiges, Golds, Warm Browns & Beiges or Natural Warms shades.

Trend #2: Redheads

Emma Stone red hair, Emma Stone hair style, Emma Stone hairstyle, Emma Stone hair color

This season reds will be as stunning as ever!  Moving away form the rich, ruby reds we saw last season, many of my clients are opting for a less extreme red that fits with more skin tones.  With Redken Chromatics, I can create gorgeous multi-dimensional red shades with permanent results.  Many clients ask me to recreate Emma Stone’s red.  And why not, she is on of the most vibrant redheads of our time!  Ask you Redken colorist for Chromatics Red, Violet, or Copper Shades to achieve this trend.

Trend #3: Blondes

Julianne Hough, Julianne Hough hair, Julianne Hough blonde hair, Julianne Hough hair color

Ash blonde is having a moment.  This natural multi-dimensional, non-fussy, natural blonde is definitely a must-have this season for many of my clients including Julianne Hough.  And for those on the lighter end of the spectrum, Gwyneth Paltrow’s gorgeous natural color continues to be a most requested look.  Since so many of my clients are in the film industry, I can take them from vibrant red to California blonde in a short amount of time while keeping the hair looking and feeling healthy with Redken Chromatics.  To get the look, ask your Redken colorist for Chromatics Naturals, Golds, Warm Browns and Beiges or Natural Warm Shades.

Thanks Tracey for you sage advice and our 2012 Fall/Winter trend report.  For more information on the next generation of fortified nourishing hair color, go to Redken Chromatics!

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  1. Mint
    April 19, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Emma stone has a great hair colour, she’s classy ;)

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