Lea Michele With Beachy Inspired Hair

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Lea Michele stepped out with an incredible beach wave inspired hairstyle at her appearance on Fox Upfronts 2012 representing GLEELea’s hair is always inspirational.  Her hair has and incredible shine and silkiness to it!  How can I recreate this look at home.  Lea’s celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa gives MyStyleBell the inside scoop.  She used The Beachwaver to create a soft, wavy hairstyle.

To achieve Lea’s waves using the Beachwaver:

  1. Separate the hair down the middle and bring the two sections forward, with the focus being on a left side and a right side. Create three horizontal rows on each side and start with the beachwaver, sarah Potempa, curling iron, lea michelebottom layer first to work your way up.
  2. If you are curling the RIGHT side of the hair, select the R button (which rotates the rod away from the face); if you are curling the LEFT side, select the L button.
  3. Take about one inch sections of hair (measured from the root), hold the iron vertical, and place the ends in clamp with the clamp facing inward (leaving about an inch of the ends out).
  4. Once the end of the hair section is in clamp, press GO to curl the length of the section.
  5. Continue with each layer until one entire side is finished before starting on the other, remembering to correspond the R or L button with the side you are curling.
  6. An important thing to remember is to wait until the very end when both sides have cooled before running fingers through your hair. With this kind of pattern, it needs to stay in that wave while it cools.

Lea Michele also uses pure Argan oil, like the Maijan Pure Argan Oil,l to keep her hair and scalp healthy.  This gives Lea’s hair a break from all of the styling and chemical based products and infuses nourishment into the scalp and hair.   Maijan is pure luxury and keeps Lea’s hair so shiny and silky!

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