StyleBell Hair Inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin

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We love the pixie cut but can anyone sport this fabulous style?  Ginnifer Goodwin looks amazing in her pixie cut.  It is the perfect hairstyle for the Once Upon A Time character.  For Ginnifer it is fantastic because she can go back and forth from long hair and short hair depending upon the character she is playing by using amazing wigs.

Can anyone sport the pixie cut?  Probably not but we can try. Things to consider when thinking about getting a pixie cut are:

  1. Hair Stylist Visits: You will have to go to the hair stylist often to get trims
  2. Face Shape:  Certain face shapes flatter the pixie  hair style (round and oval faces are optimal)
  3. Stylist:  Find a hair stylist that can cut well and has done the pixie cut before
  4. Hair Products:  Get some good hair products that can mold the hair


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