Want Thicker Brows?

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I have noticed that more and more celebrities, such as Camilla Belle, are showing off their brows.  As opposed to thinning out brows, celebs are now thickening them!  Thick brows look amazing if well maintained and groomed.  If you can get the proper arch without losing the fullness you have a winning combination.  touchblack browmarker, eyebrows, touch black

What if your brows are not thick enough or have gaps.  Touchback, one of my fav quick color cover-ups, has just launched a new TouchBack BrowMarker.  The TouchBack BrowMarker is designed with a unique fine tip marker that deposits just the right amount of color for even, natural-looking coverage. The innovative, smudge-proof, budge-proof formula lasts all day by bonding to brows and skin, filling in any sparseness and enhancing brows’ shape and color. Simply apply to clean, unmoisturized brows using short, upward strokes, moving in the direction of hair growth. Continue to fill in until desired level of coverage has been attained, and voilà, you’re set to strut your stuff and show off those eye-catching brows.

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