Increase in Hair Damage?

damaged hairOver the last 10 years, more hair treatments have become available to women that do everything from straightening hair to fighting frizz and adding shine. Unfortunately, the routine application of chemical hair treatments, such as keratin straightening, color, and relaxers can create long-term damage. As a result, physicians are noting more patients coming to their offices with concerns about damaged hair and scalp along with more serious conditions such as alopecia areata (hair loss).  “Alterations to the hair follicle, whether through chemicals or styling tools, can cause damage to both the hair and scalp,” notes Alpesh Desai, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist with Heights Dermatology & Aesthetic Center in Houston. “In addition, active lifestyles and a focus on fitness has necessitated frequent shampooing,” he observes. “Daily hair-washing and styling can compound existing problems.”

As a solution, hair stylists have begun recommending hydration with natural oil treatments, a practice found in many ancient traditions. Applying a pure Argan oil treatment, such as the argan oil, pure argan oil, 100% argan oil, organic argan oilMaijan Argan Oil, is a therapeutic way to infuse the hair, scalp, and skin with the moisture-rich nutrients. “Many lotions and hair serums that claim to hydrate can actually dry out hair and skin with overuse,” says Heather Packer, renowned stylist with the Cutler Salon Downtown in New York City. “We recommend that clients experiencing dryness, itching or damage consult a dermatologist and also consider replenishing their hair and scalp with this natural and safe product.”  Including the Maijan Argan Oil Treatment to the beauty regime before problems begin is a more effective way to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Maijan Argan Oil, made with pure organic Argan Oil from Morocco, is naturally infused with omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E, which provide the skin and hair with complete hydration. The vitamin-enriched blend provides the moisture required, achieving a natural shine with no chemicals or sulfates to distort its effect. Use is simple and it is often recommended that the oil be added to a daily conditioner or lotion for a simplified beauty routine.  For more information visit

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