Christina Aguilera Goes Purple

Christina Aguilera Purple Streaks dip dye ombre

I love love love Christina Aguilera and she does not disappoint with this latest hair entre.  Christina Aguilera has an incredible ombre dip-dyed hair with purple streaks.  The bleach blond hair contrasted with the purple streaks looks awesome!  It does not work with everybody’s hair but it looks amazing on her.  Want to have this look but don’t want to commit?  We have 2 amazing products that are easy to use, temporary so you don’t have to commit, and will give you vibrant color.

How Can I Get This Color At Home?Streekers, temporary hair color

Streekers:  With a rainbow of shades, Streekers allow you to change your look in an instant. Each candy-colored highlighting hue is true, temporary hair color.  Streekers use advanced technology to actually bond brilliant color to the hair. Its sponge-tip applicator guarantees flawless coverage and precise control for easy application. Streekers shows up vibrantly on blonde or highlighted hair, and as subtle highlights on darker hair.


colorme guiliano dip dye ombre hair color colorme proColorme by GuilianoColorme provides intense color that works on all hair types.  This unique formulation allows you to add color over dark hair, light hair and anything in between without bleaching!  The color is temporary and the application is a breeze!  So you can explore and change your color on a whim!

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