Paul Mitchell Launches Products Just For Curlies!

Paul Mitchell Truth About The Curls

What is your curl confession?  There are so many curlies out their that have always gone straight, use butter on their hair, wear bandanas and hats just to get through the day . . .  (there are so many more)!  Curls definitely have a mind of their own and it is just so difficult to tame them, keep them, and flaunt them. One day it frizzes the next day it fall flat!  What is a woman (or man) to do?

Leave it to Paul Mitchell to launch a brand new line of products called Paul Mitchell CurlsPaul Mitchell Curls includes everything a curly would need to embrace their curls! Most products promise to straighten hair but what if a curly just wants to go curly? Now we can all look to Paul Mitchell to solve our curly woes!

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