Tips on How to Find the Perfect Hair Stylist!

Tips on Finding a Hair Stylist, Salon, hairstylistFinding a perfect hairstylist is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Ok maybe it isn’t that hard but it does have its complications.  A few months ago after repeated hair cut disasters (yes I work in the industry can you believe it), I decided to go on the hunt for that perfect hair stylist.  I researched, I asked questions, I even cold called various salons.  I was on a mission.  As everyone knows life changes when you have that dream stylist and I wanted that change.  Finally after weeks of research I settled on a salon and a stylist.  I would like to report that I was very happy with my cut and that there is a method to the hair stylist search madness!

Tips: How to Find the Right Hairstylist?

Tip 1: Ask friends and Acquaintances- If you have moved in a new area asking people who you feel have a great cut is a fantastic idea.  You can also ask co-workers or anyone you see.  Most people love dishing about their stylist since everyone knows how hard it is to find one.

Tip 2: Search on Review Sites-  Searching on hair salon reviews sites is a great option.  Sites like or are great ways for you to familiarize yourself with local hair salons in the area.  They will also give you reviews and ratings of various salons.  A great way for you to get the inside scoop on salons.

Tip 3: Salons with Accreditation-  Salons can be associated with major hair care companies like Aveda, Redken, Paul Mitchell etc.  Salons that have this relationship are provided the best in classes and training for their stylists from the experts in haircare.  Companies, like Redken, put a ton of effort in their professional training programs.  This is a good thing.

Tip 4: Ask the Receptionist-  Once you have a settled on a salon the best way for you to pick the right stylist is to ask the receptionist.  Receptionists are your stylist guru.  They are in the salon day in day out and know the stylists and their strengths.  Talk to the receptionist and describe your hair type, your budget, and the type of service you want.  They will help you choose the right stylist and put your on the right path.

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