StyleBell Took the Seven Day Challenge!

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StyleBell took the Clear 7-day challenge! Here was our results:

Day 1: Didn’t notice much of a change, but my hair smelled fantastic!

Day 2: My normally tangled hair was much easier to comb almost immediately!

Day 3: Was enjoying the moisture the conditioner brought, but disliking that it weighed my hair down.

Day 4: Used the Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask — LOVED this.

Day 5: Noticed my hair was less frizzy and had less static than usual!

Day 6: Used the Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask again because I loved the results on Day 4. The Mask left my hair feeling more hydrated and less greasy than the daily conditioner.

Day 7: By the end of the 7 days, I definitely noticed a bit more manageability in my hair!


I have concluded that with this product you get great bang for your buck. It’s extremely affordable! Although I didn’t notice an extreme change in the damage or condition of my hair, I do think with prolonged use, it could definitely reduce breakage as it left my hair completely tangle-free! :)


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