Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Prevent Damage Before it Starts

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Here’s a few simple steps to help prevent future damage to your locks:

  •  Use a thermal protector when heat styling your hair — nothing will help protect it more than a layer of protection directly on the strands!
  • Use a comb directly out of the shower, brushing wet hair causes it to pull, stretch, and snap. work from the ends up for best detangling!
  • Use U.V. protecting hair products, the hair is part of the same integumentary system as our skin – protect it from the sun!
  • If you are a frequent colorer, make sure your stylist is using low ammonia hair color and avoid running the color through the ends at every visit.
  • Turn the heat down on fine hair. Just because the iron gets to a high temperature does not mean you need that much.
  • Feed your hair. Make sure you are eating foods rich in protein. Taking a multi-vitamin daily would also help assure you’re getting all the vitamins you need.
  • Be sure to keep up with your routine trims – one trim a year is not enough to keep up with split ends! Cut them off before they travel :)

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