Create Your Own Oscar-Worthy Hair at Home!

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Pureology gives us the 411 on how to do an incredible Undone Braided Chignon:

Get that princess sophistication with a messy spin on the chignon.

  1. Starting with wet hair, apply a dollop-size of Nourishing Nectar throughout.
  2. Rough dry hair until 100% dry.
  3. Choose a side or middle part and French-braid front portion to the ear then continue a regular braid to tips.
  4. Lace or tease hair from the middle back to ends and spray with Strengthening Control hairspray.
  5. Scrunch the back hair into a messy bun and secure using your grips in an X fashion. Continue placing hair until all hair is secured up and feels like it will last the evening. 
  6. Finish with a final dousing of Strengthening Control Hairspray.

Hot Tip: If hair is extra silky, you may set hair using steps 1-3 from the Boho Downstyle.

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