Product Review of the Day: Paul Mitchell Curls

paul mitchell curls, full circle, curls, curly hair

Recently, I started using the Paul Mitchell CurlsTwirl Around curling creme on my unruly curly hair and loved how crunch free it was, but my curls were still frizzy and all over the place. This morning, I made a hair cocktail with the Twirl Around and a few pumps of the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment — I fell in love! I can easily say that this product cut my frizz in half and it is still not crunchy at all! It’s super lightweight and tried completely crunch free, so you can be generous with this product and control your curls to your ideal style! Together, I have found a combination that works perfectly for my fine, frizzy hair type. The added bonus: both of these products are super hydrating which those of us with curly hair know is crucial to controlling frizz :)

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