Product Review of the Day: Cricket Fast Flo Hairbrush

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After Reviewing this Cricket Fast Flo Hairbrush, I wanted to share my experience while using it. I normally always use a round brush throughout my entire blow-dry, and it usually takes me between 20 and 30 minutes to get my curly hair nice and straight. However, I did find this brush extremely useful in detangling and cutting down drying time.


Description: Ceramic Ionic Comfort Ball Tips Extreme Comfort, Reduces Static and Accelerates Styling Time.


Feel: The handle has a great grip and it is VERY light weight. It was very easy to move through the motions while blow drying.


Usage: I used this brush prior to styling with my round rush as usual, I would say it cut my dryting time in half. I took small sections and within 5 minutes my hair was about 90% dry.


Results: This brush is fantastic to help cut down on try time and static. The bristles really gripped the hair, and I noticed some smoothing before even starting with the round brush. I will definitely continue using it.




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