Product Review of the Day: Keratin Complex Lock Luster

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Do you love the convenience of dry shampoo? Coppola’s Keratin Complex Lock Luster is a spray on aerosol conditioner that helps lock in moisture in between shampoos and protect your hair from heat styling. Lock Luster makes your hair just as shiny as it was right after washing!

Description: a unique dry conditioner that instantly detangles and conditions without weighing hair down. The super-hydrating, lightweight dry spray strengthens each strand with keratin and is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins to replenish moisture and restore health to all hair types. Perfect for use after Keratin Complex Lock Launder Dry Shampoo or to protect hair from damage caused by heat styling and blow-drying.

Feel: It left my hair feeling clean but conditioner, with very little build up.

Texture: My hair felt smooth and looked shiny immediately following the use of this dry, spray-on conditioner.

Smell: Lock Luster has a very light refreshing, clean scent.

Application: Hold bottle approximately 6 inches from head and spray all over dry hair.

Usage: I used this product following a dry shampoo for some added moisture in between styling.

Results: I am loving the results I got from this product. I am always hesistant to use dry shampoos because of their lack of conditioning by essentially drying your hairs natural oils. With Lock Luster, I felt that all of that moisture was instantly restore leaving my hair shiny, and much more manageable after dry-shampooing.

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