Tracey Cunningham’s Spring/Summer 2013 Haircolor Trends

Check out these GORGEOUS summer color trend’s by Redken Stylist Tracey Cummingham!

As the weather heats up, so are the hair trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color shares the hottest haircolor trends for the hottest months of the year, and explains how you can rock the same look as her blonde, brunette, and redhead Hollywood clients.

“I predict the spring/summer of 2013 will mark the return of the natural look. Women will begin to move away from the high-maintenance colors of 2012 and into less-fussy, organic-looking locks.” shared Tracey. “With Redken’s NEW Chromatics Beyond Cover, clients will be assured that they are receiving 100% gray coverage, while maintaining that coveted natural look.”

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with natural colors and looks, as people tend to tone down their overall look as the weather begins to warm. We can expect a shift away from the extreme colors and extreme ombré. Ombré will remain a trend, as it is a variation of brunette and easy to maintain, but expect a more toned down, natural looking ombré.  Ombre has become such a trend, Tracey jokes, “As far as I’m concerned there are 4 hair colors: Brunette, Red, Blonde and Ombré,” says Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color

Aside from the omnipresent ombré, Tracey is forecasting brunettes, redheads, and blondes to continue making trendy choices with their color.

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Spring/Summer 2013 Trend #1: “Brunettes will continue to rock the ombré trend into 2013. Think Jessica Biel and her ‘rose gold’ tips or Lily Aldridge’s natural sun-kissed ombré. The ombré is a look for all seasons, and we will be seeing a gradual, natural effect on brunettes in the spring/summer season.”

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Spring/Summer 2013 Trend #2: “Redheads will welcome the spring and summer months with more intense, dark vibrant reds. I continue to get requests for Bryce Dallas Howard’s red, as this color creates a look which fits with all skin tones. A darker red such as Bryce’s is perfect for women with lighter skin tones, who are looking to change up their look.”

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Spring/Summer 2013 Trend #3: “Blondes will continue to follow Gwyneth Paltrow’s lead by requesting a honey-golden hue. Spring and summer is the prime time to shake up your blonde by adding some soft golden shades, that will really make your look pop.”

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