The 10 Worst Things You Do To Your Hair

10 worst things you do to your hair, redbook, hair facts, hair don't

According to Redbook, here is a list of the 10 WORST things we do to our hair:

1. Using old styling tools – clean between each use to remove and prevent build up and germs!

2. Using rough elastics - using elastic that is covered in fabric (like a scrunchie) will prevent snagging!

3. Infusing hair with too many chemicals - a chemical overdose can cause breakage and damage. Tr y a pre-treatment before your next visit to the salon!

4. Setting the heat too high - don’t turn the dial above medium!

5. Skipping heat protectant - this is important to help seal in and maintain moisture to keep your hair shafts healthy!

6. Going too long between haircuts - snip the split ends before they take over! The only thing that makes them go away is a trim!

7. Brushing from the roots down - prevent snagging and breakage by working out knots from the bottom up!

8. Handling wet hair roughly - wet hair is more fragile — be careful while combing!

9. Slathering on too many products - build up is NEVER good and can block hair from soaking up natural moisture.

10. Keeping the same shampoo for changing hair - as your hair changes, so should your shampoo!

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