Product Review of the Day: Crack – A Habit Forming Hair Fix!

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I tried out a new hair product this weekend – Crack, a Habit Forming Hair Fix. The name says it all! It’s a hydrating, smoothing, all-in-one hair product!

Description: An addictive, hair transforming treatment, Crack® revamps the look and feel of dry, damaged strands to simplify your styling regimen and deliver a smooth, polished finish. Created by stylists, it features silk protein to fortify follicles and hydrolyzed silk to soften and nourish, promoting strong, healthy hair that shines.

Texture: The texture of the product was a cross between a creme, and a gummy wax, however it applied easily to wet hair and finger combed evenly right through.

Smell: The smell was very fresh and delicate!

Application: I used a dime sized amount and applied it evenly on wet hair with my fingers, then used a detangling comb to pull through the ends.

Results: My hair is smooth, shiny, and very soft! I will probably used a little less next time because it seems that a little goes a long way — I would definitely make this part of my normal hair routine. My hair feels extremely manageable!

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