Caruso’s New Jumbo/Large Roller Style!

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We have been getting a lot of calls lately about the new Jumbo/Large Caruso rollers. Caruso has updated their look — but rest assured, you are still getting the same great product/size you have always received! The new style of the rollers includes all of the same petite, small, and medium rollers however they have changed the Jumbo/Large. The plastic portion used to support the foam is now the same size for both Jumbo AND Large, but the foam add-on’s are still sized appropriately. As you can see if you look at the above photo, the plastic pieces appear to be the same size. But, when you look at the bottom circular portion of the plastic piece you can see the difference in size is still there. The Jumbo sized foam piece comes much closer to the edge of the roller than the Large. Hope this helps clear up some confusion! Below is a quick styling video by Caruso if you have never used the steam rollers and are curious as to how they work!  :)

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