Product Review of the Day: Pureology Control Twist – High Control Liquid Wax

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I am loving Control Twist by Pureology! This product is a high-control liquid wax without the limitations of your average wax-based hair products! this wax could be used on wet OR dry hair thanks to it’s awesome cream consistency and will even hold up in humidity and rain!

Description: Create pliable definition with maximum hold in colour-treated hair. Design and redefine hair, whether it is short, long, or layered while enhancing shine and colour vibrancy.

Feel: I was very surprised by the creme-like consistency of this product. It’s not your typical sticky wax. The creamy consistency made it easy to apply without the tack of wax.

Texture: This product left my hair feeling soft and in-control but not at all greasy or sticky!

Application: I pumped about 2 dime sized amounts into my palms, rubbed it together and scrunched throughout my dry hair to try to achieve some separation and definition to my layered hair.

Results: I loved the beach-like texture I acheieved with this product! My hair got the subtle definition I was looking for, leaving it piecey and texturized without the gumminess and perfect for the beach! :)

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