Sam Villa’s Tips for Perfect Beach Hair!

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Celebrity Stylist, Sam Villa, shares his perfect beach hair tip with some of our favorite Redken products! I will definitely be trying these creative tips on my next trip!

Celebrities seem to always look effortlessly chic, even at the beach. BUT, don’t be fooled, they’re not unprotected! Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue offers tips for beach blanket beauty.
· To help prevent locks from fading, put 4 drops of Redken satin wear 02 in an 8oz water bottle and spray on hair before hitting the waves. It helps seal the cuticle so hair doesn’t absorb as much salt water. Feel free to reapply as needed, it also adds a lux shine.
· To protect color, apply Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich – it has UVA and UVB filters for anti-fade protection. It helps seal split ends and the heat from the sun helps penetrate cranberry oil and Ceramides for optimal conditioning.
Fine hair is a whole other story, don’t saturate with conditioner, it will weigh hair down. Scarves and hats are a great option.

Beachy Texture like Vanessa Hudgens:

· Spray hair with Redken Curvaceous Wind Up, braid hair and sleep on it. In the morning, take braids out and run fingers through. Take the bottle to the beach to recharge curls throughout the day – just spray and scrunch for instant texture!


And if riding in a convertible where the constant whipping of hair in the wind dries it out and causes major split ends, tie hair back to reduce damage.


Now, just plop on that blanket and look pretty!

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