Modern Salon Reviews Maijan Oil!

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Modern Salon recently reviewed our favorite Maijan Oils — and it seems like they loved it as much as we do! Loving their Guide To Essential Oils uses for these awesome products!

1. Quality Will Cost You

Many clients are often put off by the price of essential oils, but price is usually a direct reflection of quality. We all know that quality is everything. You can determine this easily by looking at a product’s ingredient list. For example, if you want to use Moroccan oil on your client, look for brands with Moroccan oil listed as the first or second ingredient. If you find that it is not, or Mineral oil is listed first than it’s a dud. The Maijan oils passed this test.

2. As a Pre-Poo Treatment

Maijan Pure Moroccan Argan Oil infused with Grapeseed and Essential Oils is a great option for pre-shampooing your client’s hair. Pre-poo treatments can help with detangling, locking in extra moisture while washing and can help to prevent shampoo from “stripping” natural oils from hair.

Divide your client’s hair into four sections. Apply Maijan Pure Moroccan Argan Oil infused with Grapeseed Oil and Essential Oils to each section from root to end. Place a shower cap over the hair for 30 minutes. Shampoo/wash hair as usual.


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