Customer Review of the Day: Toppik Hair Building Fibers!

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Customer Review of the Day: Toppik Hair Building Fibers! ”I have the female pattern baldness -which means my hair has thinned considerably right behind my forhead hairline. It has become more noticable in the last year. This product works wonderfully!!!!!! It’s easy to use, and my husband couldn’t beleive the difference. I shake a little on the area, brush through to distribute, and you can’t beleive the differnce – no noticable thin spot, and it stays put all day even in the heat. It starts to be a little clumpy on your scalp after being in the heat all day. But this is after HOURS. I was told to go a shade lighter – I have medium brown hair and the light brown works great. It goes a long way also. I bought the trial size and am still using it weeks later. I think it’s almost gone.  I am sooo grateful for this product. One more tip- the hairline optimizer works well and is cheap enough. ALSO – great style bell delivered the products to me by the next day, and i used standard shipping. Thanks!”


Your welcome! We love Toppik, too! If you can’t beat hair thinning, hide it ;)

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