Katy Perry’s Hair is a Prism of Shine!

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I am loving ALL of Katy Perry’s hairstyles!  Especially this super shiny and effortless look debuted in her latest video for her hit Roar.  Throughout all of Katy Perry’s hair color changes and busy schedule– she still finds time to keep her hair looking it’s healthiest!  Taking care your hair properly and adding a shine serum will not only deeply moisturize your hair but will make any laid-back hairstyle look just as fabulous as Katy’s!

Although Katy is most popular for her outrageous and fun hairstyle’s from her first album, Teenage Dream, it seems she has taken on a new super chic and mature look for her latest album.   Katy’s new album, Prism, is killing it in the number 1 spot on Billboard’s  top 200 list which is undoubtedly keeping her very very busy! Luckily, she must have some great hair stylist’s on staff reminding her how important it is to keep her hair health topping the charts as well!

Wondering how you can keep your hair shining as brightly as hers?  We recommend starting from within with a deep conditioning oil treatment to bring your hair back to it’s optimal health but that’s not all — following up with a few drops of a shine serum from mid-shaft to ends on dry hair after styling will really make your shine pop! Our favorite product? We love the Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil. The best part about this particular brand of essential oil is that you can use it for both deep conditioning treatments as well as a shine serum. Maijan is your one-stop shop to achieving and maintaining the healthiest and shiniest hair possible !

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