How to Protect Your Hair From Winter’s Fury!

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With Winter approaching, we have to prepare our hair to handle the effects of this cold and drying season. Most importantly, it’s important to keep your hair hydrated through the excessive drying and styling we do to keep up with winter trends!  Here’s a few tricks we have found to be most effective at beating the freeze:

1.) Start Fresh: With the pending holidays, it’s important to get a trim to cut off all of those dead ends from summer and fall sun exposure!  Keeping up with regular trims will assure that your hair looks as shiny and smooth as possible!

2.) Lather Up With Moisture:  In the winter you don’t have to change your entire shower regimen, but changing to a moisturizing shampoo will make a world of difference. You can still use all your favorite volumizing conditioners without the drying affect of other shampoos. Moisturizing shampoo’s tend to be a little less stripping than other shampoos and have the added bonus of keeping your hair soft and shiny! We love this hydrating shampoo by Daily Beauty.

3.) Warm Yourself Up with a Hot Oil Treatment: keeping up to date with a hot oil treatment once a week will not only keep your hair and scalp free from flakes, but it’s a nice and relaxing way to spend a cold and snowy evening to yourself to unwind during the holiday madness that is fast approaching!  We love Maijan’s Moroccan Argan Oil for this relaxing treatment – bonus: you can also use this as a facial moisturizer and cuticle treatment and really pamper yourself!

4.) Stock Up On Travel Size: one of the most important things to consider about your winter beauty regimen is how often you will be traveling. If you will be away from home, don’t forget to grab a few travel size bottles of your favorite hair products to keep up with your regimen on the go! Or, you can make it easy on yourself and pick up one of these awesome Travel Kits by One ‘n Only – it’s got all your winter essentials in one convenient box!

Following these super quick and easy tricks will ensure your hair will start the winter off healthy and end it the same way!

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