Splashlights! Will you be trying this new trend?

If you haven’t heard of Splashlights yet — we are sure you will be familiar with them soon! Splashlights are a new spin on Ombre – designed to give hair the appearance of having a streak of light or “splash” of color, like standing in a spotlight. This new hair trend is sure to take off – this look can go from a conservative shade or two lighter to a drastic bleach blonde look like the one shown above. I could see this look leading to some seriously dimensional up-do’s! Curious how you can achieve this look?

Here’s a quick how-to:

1.) Starting from the nape of the neck, take horizontal sections and apply bleach, or color if you are applying to virgin hair, and apply the color across the section until you have a horizontal section about 1-2 inches thick, leaving the ends out.

2.) Continue applying color in horizontal sections up the head until you have a horizontal section that is even around the entire head.

3.) Apply color of choice to roots and ends if desired – staying within 1 or 2 shades of your natural color is recommended for the “spotlight”effect.

4.) After processing, rinse, wash & style as usual and enjoy your new trendy ‘do!

So, do you think you’ll be trying this new spin on Ombre? We want to know what you think!

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