Christina Aguilera’s Gorgeous Retro Curls on The Voice!

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Christina Aguilera looked stunning for her tribute to Michael and Janet Jackson on  Tuesday’s episode of The Voice! I’m sure celebrity stylist, David Babaii, is loving how this vision came to life… Here’s a little more on how he pulled it off!

To get her look, David used products that gave him the volume, movement and hold for her rockin’ performance and of course being a spot-on judge. Go team Xtina! David turned to Big Sexy Hair Products to get the result he wanted: curls right on cue just like Xtina.

He started with Big Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse as the foundation to achieve volume and hold. After applying, he rough dried her hair with heat using his hands to lift and create the groundwork for texture. What’s next? Well here is where the style comes to life: David carefully sectioned the hair into 4 sections top, crown, sides and nape so not to disturb the texture he achieved during drying.  Starting at the nape he took very small sections and curled each strand with small barreled curling irons. He used ¼” and ½” sized irons alternating the tool choice and also the direction the curls went, then holding for 10 seconds. David carefully removed each curl from the curling iron repeating this until her entire head was full of Big Sexy curls.

To finish, David used the texturizing and defining crème Big Sexy Hair Big Boost for added volume, applying it underneath sections of her hair, lifting each section as he worked the product in. Next, with some left over product on his hands, he gently defined each curl and placed them exactly where he wanted them to be. After creating a zig-zag side part, he sprayed her hair with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play. It’s the perfect flexible hold hair spray that gives added volume and resists humidity which he needed under the hot lights.


To see more of David’s styles:

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