Glam Up Your Hair for the Holiday Season!

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Looking to find a new fresh hairstyle this holiday season? Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tools that will make it easy to achieve your favorite looks without having to make a bunch of trips to the salon or taking too much time out of your busy holiday schedules!

Are you feeling like a curly girl but don’t have a lot of time to get styled before hitting the road? Not a problem! With the Babyliss U-styler, you’ll be able to straighten, flip or curl your entire head in just a few minutes! The U-styler allows you to take large sections of hair (sometimes only 4-6 sections are needed!) which allows to maximum volume in minimal time. With this iron, you can get loose waves, straight and flippy, or shirley temple curls in one convenient tool – which makes it the perfect tool to pack when traveling!

More of a apply-product-and-go type? We’ve got a great product for you — Not Your Mother’s Smooth Move Frizz Cream. This product is the perfect go-to for anyone with straight OR curly hair. Apply to towel dried hair, and go! This cream will keep curly hair tame and give straight hair smooth shine! This is definitely a product to keep on hand during this insanely busy season! Bonus — it comes in travel friendly sizes!

Finally, don’t let all these bright holiday lights outshine you! This Maijan Shimmer Shine Spray is the perfect tool for anyone — even if you have no extra time for holiday hair glam, it only takes seconds and a few spritz to add some serious shine to your locks! The perfect finishing touch and makes all of your holiday pictures look fabulous!


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