Keep Your Curls All Night!

curly hair

Are you sick of spending a bunch of time on curling your hair just to have it fall flat within an hour? Do you want it to have the Taylor Swift wave?   We don’t blame you! We’re here to help you say goodbye to curls falling flat for good with these few helpful hints that have been proven effective on even the flattest, and lifeless of hair types!

1.) Prep your hair in advance! If you know you’re coming up on a holiday or event where you’re going to want your curls to look phenomenal, prep your hair 12-24 hours in advance! When shampooing your hair the day before, or morning of, be sure to use lightweight or volumizing hair products, like this favorite shampoo  by Bain de Terre. Moisture shampoos, although fantastic for shine, can weigh your curls down and make it hard to get a curl to hold! Also, be mindful of time! It’s not the easiest thing to get super clean freshly shampooed hair to hold a curl simply because it tends to be soft and slippery. Curling day-two hair will make the task 100 times easier! Worried about looking greasy? Don’t! Try out a dry shampoo by Batiste that will absorb excess oil AND give you volume — sounds like a double win to me!

2.) Don’t oversaturate with hairspray! Contrary to what you might see in the salon, saturating each strand you are going to curl does NOT help give you long lasting hold. In fact, it contributes to weighing the hair down and curls will fall out more quickly than without hairspray at all! If you are going to spray before curling, use a thermal protecting styling spray like this one by Lanza — these sprays are designed to protect hair while adding strong hold instead of singeing it off like burning hairspray could!

3.) High, quick heat is key! Many people believe the longer you hold the hair on the curling iron, the better it will stay. That could not be more FALSE! The longer your hold your hair on a high heat iron, the more you will dry it out. The drier and more damaged your hair is, the less likely it is to do what you want it to! The key is using high heat, quickly. For example, if you are using a wand and you have the heat on the highest setting, by the time you are done wrapping your hair around the wand you should be beginning to release it.

4.) Finish by section! The key to keeping your curls is using a lightweight finishing spray like this one by Bain de Terre,  as soon as you are finished a section of your hair. You do not need to spray each curl, but should spray the entire section lightly before bringing down the next layer you are going to curl and of course, a nice generous spray all over once you are absolutely finished (flipping your head over is not a bad idea during this step – this will DOUBLE your volume).


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