Bang in the New Year!: To Cut or Not to Cut Bangs?


So, if you’re debating cutting bangs as part of your new look in 2014, we’re here to help lay down the pro’s and con’s of bangs, how to take care of them, style them and how often to trim them! Here’s a quick break down of all of the things to consider before picking up the scissors!

Pro’s: Bangs are pretty much ALWAYS in style and luckily, almost everyone can pull them off…even if they think they can’t! Bangs are also a great way to drastically change your look without having to hack off all of your other hair that took you so long to grow! Added bonus: bangs are great break-out concealers ;)

Con‘s: If you’re someone who likes to throw your hair up and go to the gym without anything falling in your face – this is almost impossible with bangs. Bobby pins, hair clips, sweatbands — nothing seems to keep them from falling in your face during a workout. Also, bangs take a little more maintenance than your average haircut would; you tend to find little pieces you want to snip every other day, and if you’re wise, you would wait until you can stop into the salon to have them touched up.

Upkeep: When it comes to taking care of your bangs, the only thing that differs from your usual routine, is the added need for self-control. As mentioned under the cons, it seems like when we have bangs, there is always  a new piece that tends to migrate into our bang and become an annoyance. It takes MAJOR self-control to not just cut those pesky pieces off — but this is a must! If we keep cutting these tiny little pieces away at home every time once seems out of place, before we know it, our bangs have moved halfway back the top of our heads making our hairline look too unnatural to be cute. To prevent this, depending on how often you see your stylist for a cut, I would make it a point to stop into your favorite salon at least once a month to have a quick bang touch-up. Bonus: Most of the time, when you are a regular customer, salons will offer bang trims for free. Stylists would rather see you have your bangs cut right than have to fix the aftermath of at-home bang trims.

Styling your bangs: Now, this is the best part about having bangs! You can style them differently every day, or rock a different style bang every time you get your haircut. I personally love a heavy side bang and can make even the most plain jane haircuts look hip! My personal favorite brushes when it comes to styling side bangs is an extra large, 2 1/2″ – 3 1/4″,  round brush, like this Technique by Cricket. I round brush the entire section by flipping it out first, then smoothing it under. This gives your bang the light weight side swept look without looking glued to the side of your head. For straight across bangs, I uses 1 1/2″ brush or, if you have great straight hair, blow-drying with your fingers give you a great piecey look!

So, will you be starting off your new year with a bang?!

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