Toppik Hair Fibers Uncovered!

toppik hair fibersMany of you suffering with thinning hair have already become acquainted with Toppik Hair Building Fibers, but for those of you who haven’t, we’re here to help you understand exactly if/why you should! Since this product line has launched they have been a hit in the beauty business. As the number of people suffering with thin hair rises, so does this company! Many people do not want to do anything as tedious as keratin fiber extensions or hair restoration, not to mention, most people simply can’t afford how pricey these treatments have become! Toppik created a solution to that problem many years ago — no permanent commitment and super affordable. Can’t beat that! Here’s a little bit more information on their hair building fibers.

What they are: Toppik is a safe, natural and undetectable way to improve the appearance of thinning hair without harmful drugs, chemicals or surgery. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made from pure organic Keratin Protein – the same protein found in human hair. These tiny microfiber “hairs” are electro-statically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair – however thin – and blend perfectly to conceal the appearance of thinning and balding in seconds.

Who would they work for? Anyone! Toppik hair fibers are perfect for both men and women who are experiencing thinning hair. These little charged particles will adhere to even the thinnest of hair, making them great for men with thinning hairlines, or women who just want their hair to look as thick and full as it used to!

How are they applied? These microfibers can be applied all over your hair with the focus remaining from the root and the first 2 inches of hair off the scalp. Concealing the scalp is the number 1 way to have others fooled into thinking you have a gorgeous full head of hair! But realistically, with these fibers, you can!

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