American Hustle Inspired DiscoFabulous: How to Pull Off Disco-Inspired Looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams

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Are you loving the retro disco styles that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are rocking in their new movie, American Hustle, as much as we are?! These looks are inspiring us to bring back the disco in 2014! When it comes to hair.. the bigger the better, right?! At least, that’s what we think. Here’s some super easy tips to making your hair look just as big and disco fabulous as these lovely ladies without having to spend hours in hair and make up!

1.) Dry upside-down! This may be the oldest trick in the book for giving your hair’s foundation some extra volume, but hey… if it’s easy and it works, why not?! This doesn’t take any extra time and can easily, with the right volumizing products, double your volume! If you’re someone who usually round-brushes your hair, no biggie! Set up your mirror to be just a little lower. and use your round brush while your hair is flipped over. When blowdrying upside down, I have learned that the bigger round brushes work best for this. My personal favorite brush for my shoulder length hair is this Cricket Technique 3 1/4″ brush, because it drys my hair in no time at all and when I flip back over I have smooth hair with tons of volume which gives me the perfect foundation for step 2.

2.) Don’t be afraid to tease! Many people have been afraid to tease their hair because they have heard the never-ending rumors about how it can damage your hair. Although this is not entirely false, teasing your hair occasionally will not hurt your hair. The damage that can be caused from teasing generally happens for bleach blonde, over processed hair or on those people who tease their hair then sleep on it for a few days – this causes the hair to become “napped” in that area and almost impossible to comb out without causing breakage. My favorite testing brush is the super affordable 3 row boar brush  by Diane, and the added bonus is this brush is small enough to take with you on the go for quick touch ups!

3.) Finish with a light-weight volumizing hairspray! I love the She’s a Tease Hairspray by Not Your Mothers for this step. It also couldn’t hurt to flip your hair upside-down again for this step. This will give you tons a volume and great hold!

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