New Year, New Cut: Best Cuts for Your Face Shape!

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Are you looking for a new hairstyle to go with the whole new you in 2014? We’re here to help you make the right glam decisions in 2014, starting with the right cut for your face shape! While we all wish we could pull off every cut, sometimes it’s best to stick to the rules of thumb — this is one of those times. Here’s a few simple rules to follow by face shape:

Heart Shaped and Triangle: When I think of heart-shaped and triangle faces, I think of pointed chins. SO, our goal would be to draw the attention away from that point. My recommendation is doing a heavy side bang or heavy bang to draw attention upwards towards your eyes. This shape can rock a ton of different lengths but the one length I would avoid is the chin-length bobs because of their tendency to draw attention towards that pointy chin.

Long Face: The rule of thumb for a long face is to avoid long hair! Long hair will only make your face look longer and will draw more attention to the feature that may not be your favorite. The best part of this is that most people with long faces also have thin faces which means you can pretty much play with any hairstyle shoulder length and up! So all those fun, choppy asymmetrical cuts and pixie cuts are the perfect new years makeover for you!

Oval: If you have an oval face — you’re one of the very lucky who can pull off just about every look possible. So, if you’re looking to change up your look drastically then I would go for it without any hesitation at all. Chances are, you will look fabulous in any cut!

Square: Because of the strong pronunciation of the jaw, this is another face shape where I would avoid any chin-length bobs. But, the difference with a square face is that you can totally rock a chin-length cut if you are careful to avoid the heavy look of the ends and stick to a layered, tapered look from mid-shaft to ends. Another trick that I like to use when styling hair on a client with a square face and longer hair is to give the hair face framing angle. This type of angle with help to give the face a more oval appearance by giving it a soft, rounded look.

Round: A round face shape is one of the few where I would recommend avoiding short hair-cuts. shorter haircuts tend to make this face shape look even more round, giving even the thinnest person the appearance of a “fat face.” The plus side to this? You can rock any cut slightly longer than shoulder length and there are never ending types of layers and styles to play with. I would avoid angles since they have the tendency to soften and round the face, but I would not hesitate to cut a strong side-bang!

Now that you know which style cut you will be going for, here’s a few of our favorite products to help keep your cut unique and gorgeous in the new year:

Texturing Cream: If you’re going to be going to a short, choppy, or tapered cut this is a must have on hand type of product to get that piecey and separated look you had when you left the salon. We are loving the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Cream — it gives short hair that sexy piecey look but it also works great on long hair to give it that beachy wave style!

Smoothing Cream: This is a must have for any length or style that wants to achieve that smooth and shiny look we get from our in-salon blow outs. My new favorite is the Keratin Perfect PerfectSmooth Blowout Booster. This cut my drying time in half and made my hair super soft and shiny.

Smoothing Serum: It’s always great to follow-up your styling with a drop or two of shine serum. This revives your shine daily and makes everyday look like a salon day. Our favorite is always the Maijan Oil, it’s super versatile and a fabulous product to keep on hand for all of your beauty resolutions in the new year!

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