How to Cover Up Thinning Hair Instantly!

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Unfortunately, thinning hair has become a huge area of concern for women lately. Experts believe there is a direct correlation to our crazy busy lifestyles, stress, and thinning hair. So sadly, since most of us cannot give up all of those things that cause us stress in our daily lives, but on the bright side, there is an overwhelming variety of products on the market for all of us suffering with thinning hair! Here are a few of our absolute favorite, tried and true, products and tips for concealing your thinning hair and giving you your confidence back!

1.) Toppik Hair Building Fibers: We cannot say enough about these little miracle fibers for thinning hair! These little charged hair particles (that come in a variety of different shades for each hair color) shake right onto your hair and grab hold near your roots, concealing those extra scalpy areas looking natural without looking painted on like scalp concealers! The best part of it all? It’s INSTANT. No waiting weeks to see any results! Definitely a must-have product!

 2.) Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Luckily for us, hair pieces and bows seem to be making a HUGE comeback in the beauty business. This trick is an easy, super affordable, and fashionable way to conceal your trouble areas, particularly those who are suffering from thinning near your part. Buying (or making) a simple bow headband and strategically placing the bow over the problem area is another instant fix that takes seconds!

3.) Colored Dry Shampoo’s! This is another staple in my beauty box! I’m loving Batiste‘s line of colored dry shampoos. Even if your hair is clean, a quick spray of this dry shampoo not only conceals thinning scalp by bulking up your hair but by doing that it gives you crazy volume and prevents your hair from becoming stringy! Triple win!

Try these instant tricks next time you find yourself battling with thinning hair in the mirror. You will love how quick and easy it is to bring your hair back to life!

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