Get the Perfect Blowout at Home

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“I can never get my hair to look the same way it did when I left the salon.” I think that every woman in the world has uttered these famous words before and luckily, we think we can help! We’ve made a break down of all the steps to a perfect blow-out so hopefully, you can see where you’re going wrong and give this a try! Here’s our step by step to the perfect blowout, simplified:

1.) Prep. Prepping your hair with the right products for your hair type and the look you are trying to achieve is key in getting that perfect salon blow-out. Depending on your hair texture, a hair cocktail might work better for you — after all, does your hair stylist ever only use one product on your hair? Odds are, they are using at least 2. We highly recommend including a thermal protecter in this step to help protect your precious strands from the heat of the blowdryer.

2.) Remove excess moisture. This step is so easy, and almost always forgotten by those who are attempting to get the salon blow-out at home. Before sectioning your hair and starting to round brush, use your fingers and blowdryer to remove up to 80% off the excess moisture from your wet hair. Don’t worry if it looks frizzy or imperfect. This step will save you tons of time and help to make using the round brush easier. This reduces the time spent on drying with a round brush and allows the focus of the brush to remain on smoothing the hair!

3.) Section, section, section. This is another step that I see so many people skip over. Some believe they are saving time by skipping this step but realistically, you are only complicating the blow out. Not sectioning the hair leads to tangled pieces getting pulled and rolled around the brush causing discomfort and leaving you with an extra 5 minutes of detangling. So, do yourself a favor and avoid that hassle. Section the hair, depending on hair type/thickness, into 3 or 4 horizontal sections. Each section will probably require 1 or 2 vertical subsections depending on the length of your brush barrell, but you will not have to clip these subsections, you can work with these as you go. Section the sides using sections equivalent to the sections in the back.

3.) Smooth. Using the round brush, apply medium tension to your section starting from root to mid shaft pulling the brush downwards. Continue this motion until everything but the ends are completely dry.

4.) Roll your ends. Once your done with your root-midshaft, begin drying the ends by rolling the round brush through until the section is dry and you have a nice bounce. Once your hair is dry, on your last roll of the brush, keep the hair wrapped around the brush and hold down the cool shot button on your dryer for about 3-5 seconds. This will set your hair and make your bouncy beautiful ends stay smoothed under or curled all day! Continue this with each section and subsection until your hair is completely dry and styled.

5.) Shine! One of the best parts about leaving the salon is how shiny our hair looks, right? Well, now that you’ve got your salon blow-out at home the only thing left to do is add some extra shine! I LOVE the Maijan Shimmer Shine Spray for a fresh blow-out. It’s super light weight and doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy! Enjoy your gorgeous blow-outs ladies, and remember, practice makes perfect!

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