Product Review of the Day: Babyliss 1 1/2″ Wet to Dry Iron!

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When it comes to styling our hair, we are always looking for ways to save time and multi-task. Babyliss has made this easier than ever with this 1 1/2″ Wet to Dry flat iron! So now instead of having to decide between finishing your blow dry or just throwing your hair up because you didn’t have time to flat iron, you can do both with this tool for the multi-taskers. Although this iron should not be used on sopping wet hair, it’s perfect for flat ironing and removing about 20% of excess moisture from your hair after a rough blow dry. This is perfect for us ladies who are always running fashionably late! Here’s a little more about this awesome iron:

Description: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1-1/2 inch Ultra Slim Wet-to-Dry Straightening Iron. This professional flat iron features a combination of Nano Technology with the high heat conductivity of Titanium and the heat-resistant properties of Ryton to deliver state-of-the-art performance with less stress and damage to the hair. The features include 1-1/2 inch Nano Titanium plates with Advanced Surround Heat to straighten your damp or dry hair 40% faster, eliminating the damage multiple passes can cause. Temperature setting up to 450 degrees F, lightweight, slim design.

Feel: This is one of the most light-weight irons I have ever used. The ultra slim design really cuts down on the bulky weight of other irons which also makes this iron perfect for any of our stylists who suffer from carpel tunnel or arthritis! The only down side to the ultra slim design of the iron is you have to be careful where you’re holding your hands on the iron. Because this iron can be used on damp hair, it can produce a lot of hot steam so keeping your hands on the handle is the only option — no grabbing by the plates!

Glide: I love love love the way this iron glides through the hair. Even on damp hair, it does not pull or get stuck on any area and pulls straight through to the bottom of the section effortlessly. This is what really set this iron apart from the other wet to dry irons I have used previously!

Usage: I began with my hair about 85% dry and sectioned my hair into about 6 small sections. I ran through my hair in large sections at first to see how the product worked at drying the sections and could not believe how quickly my hair was dry and straight! Surprisingly, I didn’t even need to go back in smaller sections like I normally would after a blow-dry. Major time saver!

Results: There is not one bad thing I can say about this iron! I loved how shiny and smooth my hair was! I was also amazed by how much volume was remaining in my hair after skipping the final steps of my blow out. I will definitely be using this iron again!

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