10 Alternative Uses for Left Over Conditioners!

left over conditioner, what to do with conditioner, alternative uses for conditioner, hair conditioner, conditioner, hair product alternatives Hello. Our name is StyleBell and we are addicts. Our drug of choice? Hair products.

Because of our love for hair products and our obsession with trying all of the latest and greatest products in the business, we tend to become hair product hoarders. So, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite ways to recycle one of the most common products in our collection: conditioners. If you are like us, we spare no expense when it comes to conditioner. After all, it sets the palette for the hair masterpieces we create during styling. However, because we also money conscious, we hate to see it washing down the drain. So, if you accidentally use to much or make the early morning, before coffee “oopsie” that we are all too familiar with (accidentally pouring conditioner in our hand instead of shampoo), never fear! We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite alternative uses for conditioner so that we never see another drop go to waste. Here they are:

1.) Our all time favorite: Use as a shaving cream! This is our all time favorite use for when you pull the early morning “oopsie.” Shaving with conditioner is our favorite for more than one reason! It’s super lubricating so it helps prevent razor nicks and super hydrating to leave your legs silky smooth!

2.) Wash your delicate lingerie or dry clean only items! Add 2-3 teaspoons to a sink full of water with a half teaspoon of your regular laundry detergent — gently wash your items and hang dry. You’ll be amazed at how soft your delicates come out and smelling fresh!

3.) Clean up your cuticles. Use in place of your regular cuticle creams and watch how easily your dead skin pushes off!

4.) Use conditioner with or in place of bath oils for intense moisturizing! This is one of my all time favorite winter fixes. When your skin gets dry and itchy, draw yourself a bath and squeeze in some conditioner under the running faucet. Soak and relax while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

5.) Use as a shoe polisher and leather conditioner before you pump your pumps away! Ever notice how quickly leather shoes or jackets lose that brand new sheen? Not anymore! Put a little conditioner on a soft rag and rub directly on to the leather. Moisturize and revitalize shine all in one step!

6.) Remove eye make-up and moisturize at the same time. Use in place of baby oil and other oily make up removes. Oil based make up removers have the tendency to clog pores and cause break outs. Conditioner acts as a lubricating lotion and removes make up just as easily all while moisturizing without clogging pores!

7.) Painlessly remove band-aids or jewelry. Much like it works to remove makeup, the lubricating uses of conditioner also work to remove tight rights or jewelry clasps and stubborn stuck on band-aids without the hurt!

8.) Hard calluses? Forget it. Use as an intensive hand and foot cream. This is a great over-night use for extra conditioner! Take an old pair of gloves and/or socks and apply conditioner liberally to hands or feet. Cover immediately with socks or gloves and let all the moisturizing goodness soak in over night. You’ll wake up to new soft skin!

9.) Soften and clean old make-up or paintbrushes. Dilute 1 or 2 drops of conditioner in a full cup of water and use to clean your make up brushes and condition your clean paintbrushes. This brings them back to life in minutes!

10.) Use as a lubricant for tons of household chores: loosening stuck zippers, stopping that annoying squeak in your door hinges or furniture with wheels is easier than ever! Use conditioner as a more natural form of the typical WD40. We love it and it works instantly!

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