Hair How To: Perfect Pin Curls in 5 Easy Steps!

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If you’re loving all the pin curls and finger wave looks we have been seeing on all of the celebs lately, you’re going to love this post! Pin curls are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to get crazy volume and gorgeous wavy hair without any harsh heat appliances! This is one of our favorite wash, set, and forget looks and almost anyone can do it once they know how it’s done! So, whether your looking for a way to finish off your finger wave like the picture shown above or just want to achieve those same light weight retro curls that we are all loving, here’s our super easy step-by-step to getting perfect pin curls at home:

1.) Fresh shampoo! The key to getting perfect pin curls is to start off with freshly washed hair. Hair can be conditioner with a lightweight or volumizing conditioner but it’s seemingly beneficial to avoid heavy cream conditioners or other conditioners that would weigh down hair or leave a greasy residue.

2.) Load up with lightweight liquid or shaping gel! Now, we don’t recommend saturating your hair with gel, however you do need to be generous in applying the gel to your wet hair. Apply enough so that when you take a section of hair and pinch it you the pinch will hold for 1 or 2 seconds without falling flat. We LOVE Bain de Terre’s Lemon Balm Shaping Gel for this step! Don’t worry about it looking wet or hard. Once the hair drys, you will comb it out and the only person who will be able to tell there was gel in it is you (and maybe your hair stylist!) ;)

3.) Comb and section! After parting your hair to your desired side, comb both sides down and clip them away. Avoid twisting or clipping the sections above to prevent kinks from drying into those sections while you start in the back. Starting from the nape of the neck section the hair horizontally into a 1 inch sections. You can either bring these sections down 1 inch at a time or take 1 inch horizontal sections up to the top of the head and separate with pin curl clips until you have moved up to work on that section. Leave the first 1 inch section in the nape hanging and begin step number 4 immediately to prevent hair from drying too quickly.

4.) Roll up your curls and pin! Begin step 4 by taking a 1 inch cross section. Don’t be afraid to use a water bottle to spritz your hair if you think the hair is beginning to feel a bit too dry. Comb hair straight down and start rolling the ends into flat pinwheel circles, keeping the ends in the center to prevent them from fraying. Once you have met the closest point where the pin curl begins to meet the scalp use your pin curl clip to pin the curl in it’s place (the size of the curl will generally fit squarely over the 1″x1″ section perfectly). Continue doing the same steps completely one horizontal section at a time until the entire back is complete. Complete the sides the same way, pinning the curls off the face. Now that you’re set, let it dry completely. You can either air dry or sit under the dryer if one is available to you.

5.) Brush out or finish up! Once you’ve let the hair dry completely, you can unclip all of your pin curls. I recommend removing them from all sections at once rather than section by section to prevent over-combing of your curls. Using a wide and fine tooth comb, begin combing your hair out starting at the ends and working your way up. Once you’ve completed combing, take a look in the mirror and enjoy! How easy was that? If you feel like your hair needs an extra boost of shine try adding a few drops of shine serum.

You’re going to love this look!

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